How do add articles and SEO to the website


statement: please SEO master did not see, I was the lowest, but also do not understand the website, writing is not good, also full of typos, not what help to you, can let you see SEO master angry. But it can be used by some new people like me. Maybe it will help him. Refer to my website (www.wujin-cn.com).

from the site was included in the normal Baidu, I add to the site every day, my article is from Baidu search inside, and then copy to my station. Master online learning knowledge, methods, used in my web site, in copying other people’s article, to other people’s articles, topics or content to change, become their own articles.

, and what I’m using is modifying the title of the article before releasing it. Find an article, I took the title of the article to Baidu search, to see how many of the same questions ", if appear in Baidu’s one or two title the same article, do not directly modify. If there are many articles on the same topic, I will add a few words, or reduce the number of words, or change the word (for example: two words in China into two words in our country).

I site to add the time at 10 pm or so, and Baidu to me for second days, plus articles included, is added to the article tonight, tomorrow at noon will be included, can also find these articles in Baidu search released last night, one and a half years, every day so, how many night, Baidu included the number of tomorrow.

for just learn to do new people, oneself can’t write the article, suggest you learn my this method, add articles to the website. The title of the article must be revised to publish the same word number in the search, then issue it again.

the last two months, I added to the website articles, are domestic hardware company profiles and some of the most popular articles on the search, the topic is not modified, it is directly copied to release. So add articles to the website, Baidu second days to my web site, rarely included these just released articles, always update some of my website column page. But I add to the website every day, Baidu also come to my site every day to update some column page, it is rarely included in these new hair just new articles. Is included, and it is difficult to find on my Baidu last night sent an article, it is estimated that after hundreds of pages.

reiterates, "give me comment is good or bad, please do not involve the editor of stationmaster net.".

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