Several ideas of website keyword

I always love to do the long tail keywords

, using long tail keywords bring traffic I think is more valuable than common keywords, higher product conversion rate, or even a few IP can be a single effect, the highest two IP I just a single! This is the power of long tail keywords. Because it is closer to the needs of users, the user experience is more friendly, so it can bring higher conversion rate. You can imagine if a commercial web site 1000 caused by the long tail keywords flow than 1000 caused by a key flow far more – this is my how to do long tail keywords wise remark of an experienced person!? one thing to put it into the use of the long tail keywords.

the important way to get information from the Internet is text and text. A good article can let users flow love pleasant, deeply love you and stand you, and believe you and your promotion products. This is the beauty of. In the article the right into the long tail keywords will let users without the advice to buy your products, to complete the transformation! Because he touches you this article (her)! So that to establish the keywords thought should be based on two aspects: one is the real feelings, make readers; two is the keyword must be appropriate to do let users inadvertently completed transformation.

these two aspects say simple, is not easy to do it, it needs a long-term process of adaptation, need to have a strong executive power! Let’s say the latter: how to promote the establishment of key products. I think that in determining the key words must be hidden, but also to induce. That is to say you sell a product, you cannot directly use the "XX products best" and "best XX product" type of keywords, so that the user is just a salesman, even if your content is again good, then you blow stick, I am afraid we do not buy your account, because the purchase of psychological everyone is like this, you have to learn to adapt to change from the side to do keywords. For example, I want to sell a weight-loss products, is a thin waist of the long tail keywords I determined is the most effective method of thin waist, in this article I will give you a real thin waist method introduced several scientific, at the end of the I in two words or three to introduce a thin waist products. Of course, we must seize the key in two words or three ". Why should introduce products with very few words? Because too much on the product, the user will perceive the true intention of this article, is likely to affect the user experience and for your trust, so it is very difficult to translate. We can try this method according to this. Finally a practical technical problem: some people visit my words every day? If the words I establish is very good, but not a search that is no echo! We can solve this problem with the Baidu index to solve the specific practices, I will say no more, very simple.

well, the key word is OK. Then where does the content come from? Here I will say one word: write. >

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