The development of personal websites requires collection technology

just saw an article in Admin5, "the development of personal websites requires gathering technology."

quote: [speak of "collect", at that time the person is a bit of oneself in the sense of crime, after all, is copying or copying their results, this kind of behavior is not advocated. ]

if you say no, like a crime, then why do you sin? I think, if you do full collection of words, so the Internet will not original, not original, what do you collect? They worked hard, a word out of the article, you suddenly. In the past. I feel what? Do you think that when you write your own original article, how happy, others see the copy of the past, your heart is how to think? I remember a few months ago, I had a soft, Admin5 in second days, a shameless guy the article, copy the past, then connect the www.126fw.com connection all replaced him, I was very angry, why is there such a shameless person


China’s Internet still depends on everyone. Not individuals can do it. As a Chinese, we should make progress together, and don’t always drag others behind,


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