Personal forum to do some of the superficial experience of PR5


for a personal forum, I want to do PR5, should be a go, after all, is to engage in part-time, so if you do not feel what PR5 rare, do not look down.

I am a teacher, grew up watching the ADMIN5 station, actually do not long time, 05 years unit ready network, only one contact, when in May 9th 06, built the first forum, this forum is now: http://s.xsart.net. Chinese art education resources network. At that time, I was purely interested and thought I was an art teacher, so what I did was of course related to art education. The beginning has been transferred to online information, in order to enrich the content of the website, the search engine is not very stable, more time Baidu received more than 3W, but IP did not see how much, in fact now is not too much, about 2500-3000, this station is the biggest benefit, I know a lot of people, including the map Wang (not seen).

below say I do stand experience, in fact, is to do the PR value process:

1, first of all, the site must be stable and stable in all aspects, such as:

2, the space of the website (good space quotient is very important, don’t delay the development opportunity for that little money)

3, domain name (never change, even if the Baidu K you can not change)

4, the program (very important, resolute to the end, and I do not like to use templates, like using the original program)

5, content (whenever doing high-quality web site, content is basically original, such as ADMIN5, can in such a short time climb to PR6, or rely on original article)

way: perhaps some friends said: after I read the station will you stand quality is not how high ah, ha ha, I want to say here, the quality of you and I not say, is to search for the final say, I think my station, or in the same industry comprehensive strength to lead, you can check the website, I should be on top. So this thing is understood by every man. Everyone will say, content originality, of course, everyone knows, then why you can’t do it, that’s because you did not insist on it.

6, interest (or interest and PR are not necessarily related, but don’t forget, I do this station for nearly 3 years, a year into more than 1000, no income, if not interested, can do so long, if fantasy like those in a few months the riches of the webmaster, I had closed)

7, perseverance (interest is not enough, have perseverance, do standing is boring, do later is simply suffering, but must survive in the past, after dawn, the sun is closer and closer to you)

8, good outside the chain (in fact, you and a few big websites do connection can >

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