Site construction should have unique information resources

recently, I’m studying search engines. I write down: "do the station, do the information resources that other people don’t have." it doesn’t mean that you can write everything yourself and change it yourself.

I put the research issue to share with you, because of a large amount of information on the Internet a lot, and too many owners to provide redundant information resources. And the repetitive information and how can you compete with


Baidu likes original information, Baidu likes long time stations and only does the content of the website, Baidu likes updating information timely website. Baidu likes website very much.

but why would your station be dropped by Baidu or K,


, I got the reasoning:

100 this information already exists in

1. Internet, Baidu’s purpose is to let people find information, you have no you have no difference, so do not choose your content on the web site, since the other website on your website all the things of the Internet have been offered, I will no longer be included in your.

2. other

on the Internet website longer than you, and they built the contents are specific, Baidu I often go to visit these sites, to understand the stability of these sites, you will want a new row? When your site closed, the user points to is the death of this station how to do? Not safe, not included.

3. of your

site no weight, not the quality of the chain. The site title keywords you what too much, I don’t want to think too much, I am boring ah, these words bring you analyze your traffic? So I’m not included, not love this station.

4. national strike now, you also heat ah color ah related, also made some sensitive topics, then the government came to me, I said what Baidu, so I hate this station, so it is not included, drop your permissions, or your most convenient K oh.

finally, Baidu usually comes with a trick: leave a front page. Don’t say I’m too far. Or leave three pages or dozens of pages to make you think I’m too much. Ha ha…

Baidu is very user-friendly, since the information can be provided, you can not, so it can not blame Baidu. Webmaster should reflect on. All the small and medium-sized national webmaster can, need to reflect on the.

Author: phantom

comes from: http://s.freedomsky.sgsg.cn/

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