Novice webmaster write soft text promotion experience

to write text, soft promotion has become a commonplace topic of the webmaster, every webmaster have grown from a children’s shoes to a qualified webmaster, and the webmaster first contact is a written text, followed by the release and promotion of their soft wen. There are many kinds of soft text, different types of soft text cover different meanings. These soft text if there is no certain foundation, write out is also very difficult, so want to write a good soft Wen, must accumulate experience for a period of time, and then the long-term accumulation of experience broke out together.



is also a children’s shoes, just started to write when soft Wen is unable to start, so every time to go to some large network owners to see others soft, like the A5, the laggards, speed transit, Ai Rui, SEOwhy and other large network owners. Look at the master wrote the soft text, and then learn these webmaster write the form of soft, and some subtle skills. Slowly after learning, the brain also has this kind of writing soft way, and then with their own ideas to write a about their experience, experience soft wen.

when I write the soft text, has been in accordance with the four steps to write the soft text. At the same time summed up the experience and method of writing soft text. First of all: lay a good foundation, followed by diligence and practice, and then: study user psychology, and finally: dig material. The four steps is that the author has been using the method, then the following author describes in detail the experience of writing soft text promotion.

1: lay the groundwork,

no matter what to write the type of soft foundation and foundation, must have, these two points are very important, as a novice webmaster must study more and more imitation, be familiar with certain targeted areas, or write out the soft Wen not "soft" effect, we write soft article is to "this will lead to some soft" customer source. For example, I’m doing burdock tea health food, want to write a soft Wen to attract customers, then this time there must be a certain basis to write a marketing type of soft Wen, and then in soft text to promote their products. Let customers can not see that you are in the promotion, to give customers another feeling. Don’t feel like you’re advertising at first. Therefore, the simplest way to lay the foundation is to know more about targeted products and some fields, and the deeper you understand, the better for yourself to write the soft text.

two: diligence plus practice

to write text, and not one, but every day to write a few soft, slowly writing level will increase. Do not write the soft when three days fishing two days drying nets, so that is unable to write high quality soft wen. The most important time, each time write the soft Wen, soft Wen when all want to try to go to the big free contribution webmaster nets to contribute. If you do not pass, you should find the reasons for not passing, and then in the same type of soft ground, plus practice, you can. If the novice webmaster every day in writing soft Wen, long time, write more, will be >

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