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I began to learn from

HTML language to set up their own website now has a full two years, here two years has opened a number of sites, but the success of a no, this is what causes it? I have summed up some experience, now write to share with you, hope you don’t I walk this road go through the.

The first site

I opened for free space, free domain name, of course, free program, and then copy and paste the content on the website of others, because of their lack of time, time is in Internet cafes, my computer at home, because the school can not install broadband, so the computer didn’t come to school that opened a month or so, because he was still a smattering of website, what all don’t understand, so this site to close only in just one month (free space is closed), the final IP is only three more than a dozen, so my first website closed down.

second of my website is a comprehensive, what news, articles, pictures, video, download and so on, are available on my website, the domain name is I spent, seized by eating money to buy the domain name space +200M COM spent a total of 150 yuan, the highest total website IP reaches about 400, the content of the website is to copy, no matter how hard I tried, IP can not make the final break 500, PV is also poor, down an average of IP to 2 PV, seeing this, I was in the cause analysis, I was not content too scattered and just keep users, think of this, I decided to turn off the site, to open a.

dare to think, dare to do, I finally put the station closed, so third of my website was born, first apply a CN domain (CN domain name was just a 1 yuan), and then find a download program (the choice of download stations, it is because the site before I to the most is to download the software flow), took a name (download China) atmosphere, slightly modify the program, I just download station on the line, then the thing to do is to constantly increase the software, day and many 200 software (Disclaimer: I because there is no server, only with others, I added the link) software is not used to collect, and manually add, Baidu has not included my site for half a month, by Google to IP reached more than 100, followed shortly before the end of a month, Baidu finally put me the To the website released more than 100 pages, with Baidu’s release, IP also rose to nearly 500, after more than a week after Baidu was just a big update, my web page also increased, the number of IP also increased, overnight from 500 to 2000. This made me excited bad, this is the first time I reach this number Oh, I set a goal of breaking the 1000 can, behind with my efforts, IP has finally broken 5000.

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