Some suggestions on University Students’ nternet Entrepreneurship

          recently I went to a number of universities to do a series of lectures on Internet entrepreneurship, and a lot of students asked, "which Internet model attracts more venture capitalists?"" Therefore, the market awareness of contemporary students is very high. So, this time back to his alma mater, China University of Geosciences speech, mainly around the topic of Internet VCs, and students share some of the entrepreneurial experience.

mentioned before that the Internet is the best platform for entrepreneurship, because at a low cost, it may start with just one PC at the start. The success of Li Xiang, Mao Kankan and others has made more college graduates have a vision for Internet start-ups. However, college students inexperienced, lack of experience, there are too many businesses failed, as an Internet entrepreneur, I would like to transfer his past experience to China Cenozoic, help them make reasonable planning, detours.

with my experience, if there is no Internet business venture investment, lead all the technological innovation will net disappeared. Behind the success of Internet companies, there are always investors in promoting their development, and even promote the development of the entire internet. At present, the Internet is still the focus of the acquisition of venture capital, and the top three are SNS, e-commerce, three areas of the game. The three together may account for 60% to 70% of the Internet’s share of investment. China is now the world’s largest Internet users, broadband users, the fastest growth, the best economic environment of the country, therefore, China’s Internet companies will undoubtedly become the preferred foreign investors.

in this speech, the Internet venture capital model has become the focus of the students asked questions. In fact, there is a two-way choice problem. Take this Heyspace for $20 million investment, for example, the current domestic enterprises in the IT aspects of the majority will choose some VC financing, and Heyspace choice is PE investment. PE actually called private equity financing in China was not too much, it is different from VC, PE will invest in general has formed a business model of the company, but unlike the VC of seed stage and start-up companies to invest. If you use a metaphor, PE like a bank, for the enterprise the icing on the cake, VC may be timely assistance. Combined with Heyspace group’s profit model and operation characteristics, PE is our better choice.

in these university lectures, I found that students are enthusiastic about the Internet business, so that I deeply feel the future of China’s Internet and hope. But whether or not choose the Internet as a career development direction, I am very encouraged the students in the University before graduation before docking with the society, start thinking about life and occupation planning, make preparations to meet the challenges, opportunities are always for those who are prepared. If you have the intention to engage in Internet business, it is recommended that students do not limit their personal thinking mode on the domestic Internet website, pay more attention to some successful websites abroad, and understand the success of foreign countries

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