Replication analysis of profit model and market operation of us League Network

US mission network: buy once a day, for consumers to find the most trusted businesses, allowing consumers to enjoy super low discount quality services. A single daily buy, for businesses to find the most suitable consumers, to provide businesses with the greatest benefit of Internet promotion.

founded by Wang Xing buy Group website "American mission network (meituan.com)" has been formally launched in March 4th, the above is the United States Mission network description of yourself. Maybe some children’s shoes do not know what the United States Mission net is, so start with a simple introduction.

one, about the United States Mission Network

1, website nature: simply speaking, the United States Mission network is actually a group buying intermediary network.

2, founder: Wang xing. Maybe everyone is not familiar with the name, but when it comes to the school network, I think no one does not know. Since the venture, Wang Xing has founded the school, at home, rice has three social networking sites, these three sites have a common point, is to imitate foreign well-known social networking site FaceBook and Twitter, of course, the three sites in the country doing is very successful.

3, operation mode: the operation mode of the United mission network is also very simple, and the website itself acts as an intermediary. People who intend to buy low-priced items are called together to form a group buying team. When the team reaches the minimum, they can successfully buy group and enjoy the lowest price to buy goods. If the number does not reach the minimum, then the success or failure of the group, the user does not have any risk. U. S. mission net earned by the process of buying the transaction costs.

as usual, Wang Xing’s social transformation by the electronic commerce, but also completely imitate foreign popular group purchase website GroupOn (Groupon.com), said that it is completely imitation without too much, not only is the profit pattern, even the web page design are borrowed. Don’t talk nonsense. Look at the picture:

two, the advantages of the United States Mission Network

1, successfully seize user psychology. For buyers, the same goods are, of course, the less expensive the better, and the United States Mission Network provides almost the lowest market price, so it can successfully attract customers to buy. What’s more, when the number of groups is not up to the minimum, users will invite their friends to buy together to increase the number of people who want to buy the goods they want. Thus, the initiative of the market has been reversed, it is the seller to increase efforts to advertise products to attract customers, and now it is the customer himself brought people, but also completely free introduction fee!


2, cost advantage. For sellers, there are two ways to get bigger profits. One is to sell a piece of goods at a high price to get a high profit. The other is small profits, quick turnover, each commodity only earn a little profit, but the amount of sales is huge, the same can get high profits. The US mission network uses this principle.


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