Thirty day documentary sharing of Xianning happy net operation

July 18th is one of our brothers’ official operations in Xianning happy month, and during this month, Xianning happy net has made a lot of achievements, especially under the banner of webmaster net. Speaking of Xianning happy net is established, also thanks to the figure Wang man, I remember the 2009 webmaster general assembly, I have a lot of communication and graph king, at the time that the Internet is left to the individual the opportunity is really less, perhaps the industry and local sites as well as some opportunities, graph king said at the time, dude, I do webmaster net start difficult, but insisted on now is successful, if you stick with the focus on a local station should be small KISS, I know you, you also rent experience than me. I feel very ashamed at the time, from 2001 to enter the industry is veteran, does East look out west out, to now no one without a single success, fixed project. Back when we rely on those brothers beautiful pictures stand for a month in the tens of thousands of days have already not in. Man now has been transformed into graph king master Wang, years of our old Deluder club Chen Yizhou original also engage in mobile phone SMS cheat, cheat Japs $400 million now engage in transformation of renren.com, and I was wandering on the edge.

When the 2009

stationmaster Congress came back, I wanted to get to the local station, I think in the home of the city of Xianning test, and registered the domain name www.xnkaixin.com, but has been placed there without operation.

2010 I went to Beijing to participate in the Kang Sheng webmaster general assembly, this is really fucking heroes, Li Kaifu, Tang Jun, Zhou Hongyi, Dai Zhikang arranged for me to have met several boss face-to-face exchange a few words, feel benefit, especially Zhou Hongyi, I really admire his in his career, Chinese Internet is not the biggest, but get to play the market strategy, he and Shi Yuzhu are the duo. A small webmaster general assembly is very successful, but see his great pressure, here I will not say more, in a small poly after the meeting, we talked about the 19 floor, 55bbs, on the long lane, Xiao Dai also referred to the local station and the station industry is good.

came back from Beijing, like a lot of feeling, personal power now want to mix a face in Chinese Internet is very difficult, no money and individual sub projects are is not a. If you don’t concentrate on one thing, you can’t do it. So I want to go to the local station in the direction of development, and with friends in Wuhan, Lao Zhu discussed, he is a shareholder of Wuhan Si Yuan education, a few years or suck a lot of money. He promised to give me a sum of money for a local station, I said Wuhan is big, this money is not enough to be afraid, he said so much you can do it, I would say to my hometown in Xianning. Do it, we accumulate some experiences to Wuhan to vigorously. Then we Xianning happy net in June 18 officially opened this auspicious day, today is the end of a month, in a city population of 300 thousand.

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