Some of the 20 day of P100 station

my site (computer knowledge http://s.nbdos.cn) built in a day, the number of visits are constantly improve, today finally broke through 100, through which more than half a month of learning and exploration, it is basically realized some essentials of the site. Here is my summary of this half a month, I hope we can communicate with you.

1 domain name selection

The choice of

domain name is very important to the future development of the website, when choosing to take domain name, had better choose domain name to have website keyword, this is very advantageous to website rank. This domain name is bought PR meters, it makes great convenience for me to exchange connection with related websites next

Optimization of

2 page

title, keyword, description, these three, I think it is very important, such as my station, Baidu matching many descriptions written in the key words, all in Baidu lined up a good position. Need to remind the point is, choose the key word, don’t often change, to Baidu and GG included is very unfavorable.

3 keyword density problem

The content of

website, want to consider keyword density problem, had better control the density of this word in 8% or so.

Promotion of

4 website

good websites need people to visit, but the traffic of the website is also the most headache problem for the webmaster. But here I’m referring mainly to search engines, and BAIDU and GOOGLE are the first choice for webmasters. After submission, GG will soon be included in the station, included in the number of pages will continue to increase, traffic will soon upgrade up, although often updated Baidu, but still only included home page.

5 insists on updated and formal content,

do stand very hard, if you want to get the favour of spiders, must be updated every day some of the original or false original article, remember some time ago the Ministry website of the rectification period, several websites have been shut down because I take some adult jokes, I worked hard for a year of achievements so huifeiyanmie.

at present, it is a very period, many stations snapshots are staying around May 21st. All we can do is stick to it. I hope everyone can get through this period of time.

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