Product network to be media stores of Lang teeth

when listening to the old man mentioned "brokerage" call, generally refers to the market, know Chai Market shoulder hand large scale small scale, help buyers and sellers to complete the transaction, as well as the intermediary agent, modern. All along, I think this is our hometown slang commonly known, but recent internet search, just know this name has existed since ancient times, the original cloud "Lang", "Tang book and mutual interaction of teeth, teeth and similar words, because of false teeth ear." But this "error" is really a fluke, imagine "brokerage" which is not eloquent, talking about


"Internet Weekly" editor Jiang Qiping had an interesting metaphor in "mutual penetration" advertising and stores a text: I said "the newspaper editorial department at the same time as a farmers market or the post office, let the editor while editing, while vegetables" is an exaggeration, is to break the Internet only to understand the media, or only understood as stores. Today, the media properties of the store are emerging, and the media sales attributes will appear, the problem is that concept innovation, technological innovation, business model innovation must keep up with. The author believes that, after all, the pursuit of modern efficiency of division of labor can not allow Mr. Jiang’s "fun metaphor" come true, but the Internet era of media or advertising in business or sales in the infiltration, and even integration of the role can still be achieved. The nature of goods business network is a network of consumer media, its business model is to play the role of "Ya Lang" and explore how to do this "brokerage".

fine analysis, the media and "teeth Lang" really have a lot of similarities. "True, objective and fair" is the media and the iron rule, "brokerage" also need to uphold sincerity, justice and responsibility in order to gain a foothold in the market, the dual role of goods dealer network in the decision should maintain a grade and characteristics. At present, we have adopted various functions and different ways to build a platform for enterprises to communicate harmoniously with consumers. We have also adopted the following measures:

one, symmetrical dissemination of information. Around in the market to earn more profits for this purpose, the enterprise always want to do everything possible to expand the market, create the market, fueling are using heavy weapons is a variety of advertising "bombing" and distorted the so-called "word-of-mouth marketing", there is less information to consumers against the party using its own information superiority interests. Product is a network should make efforts in improving this situation, the corresponding channel opened the message and consumers released dissemination of business products and services business review message to phase symmetry; in the mode of transmission to implement the three sides to spread, namely the enterprise products and services information and consumer information in the consumer business review between enterprises the interactive communication, mutual communication of information in the consumer business review among consumers. In this way, a consumer information dissemination has become the focus of consumer groups and lead together, common gradient for the cognition and experience of their consumption behavior, the common form "buy goods, goods first taking" habit, so as to effectively enhance the ability of consumers against infringement.

two, open mediation disputes. Because consumer information is mostly produced by consumers

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