Yun Long keeping a website is just like raising a baby


in the past two days out to do something, a little busy, so we make up this chapter today, yesterday I was looking at the ceiling before sleeping back from the site began operation until now the scene of an idea, I like my cousin was raising my nephew. Feel, the website is actually such a thing……

Why does

say to raise a web site like "raise a child"?

I think we should be the same, every day, this is like the daily feeding, early time, noon time, night time ~ the chain like baby diapers, you have to wash, interrupted the words "baby" will feel uncomfortable, the site is the same. In fact, SEO is not only to what the chain ah how, the most important thing is to see you in a station, what is a station? I will make the


how do you keep a station?

In fact,

said raising station cannot do without SEO in some aspects, the author now construction site is almost a month’s time, is constantly in a station every day, although there is little improvement, because the domain name is new, everything is new, have stood up and there will be some more difficult than the old domain but, because of the difficulty there will be challenges, this is one reason why most of us cannot reach their wish stationmaster, challenge when many owners choose to escape, this is the most difficult to quit.

why does a station stand like raising a child? Because it’s the same thing. If you don’t have the patience to be a good father,


station although boring, tedious, but the mature fruit is the need to hone will harvest. It exposed to wind and rain do not flighty and impetuous, or too want to take a shortcut, but the network there is no shortcut, only to see your personal efforts. I went to my aunt there today, aunt is so said to me. I think it is, why the web site can hundreds of thousands or millions of IP? It is because they often pay more than they pay in return, youth, energy, and effort, this is our than not, so long as the station we don’t understand the concept, always want to I ask for the moon, it is some webmaster, not a pole down a forest


about my station:

is the author to write this article is want to give more stationmaster spiritual support, read this article, I hope you will have greater power, station is already raising the calculate in heart, we must first do all planned, do not blindly do it, at least you have to advance I have prepared, such as some time ago to do a movie station just a few months, not what results, why, too blind, can not grasp their real goal, recently launched http://s.2ku.cc is the careful layout in the opening before fully plan, including server rental, network >

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