Network promotion experience of equipment manufacturing industry website

Internet is an open platform, more and more industry websites and enterprise websites begin to pay attention to the means of network marketing. There are many ways to network marketing, website promotion, SEO is the most common way of promotion. Especially for the equipment manufacturing industry, most of the enterprises are traditional industries, and because of the characteristics of their products, it is much more difficult to carry out network marketing than ordinary consumer goods. It is worth celebrating that the major traditional enterprises have begun to attach importance to network marketing, and there is a corresponding network promotion department, or e-commerce sector part-time, the enterprise network optimization promotion. I have made equipment manufacturing network site for more than half a year, here I will be some of the traditional industry website promotion experience written out, and share with you.

first, the site’s internal optimization

website promotion is essential, but also needs total station optimization. As the equipment manufacturing industry, the industry website and the enterprise website construction is the right company please professional design, such as web page and inside pages of links, site map, site within the chain, page title, domain name and so on basic internal optimization, are basically stereotypes of our the main work contents and promotion site filling site.

sites are the most important contents of SEO, SEO optimization is not cheating to get good rankings, but starting from the characteristics of the industry, the needs of users, users need to send the article, so the search engine will be very friendly to you, this is the first step. Just released this article, users may actually see the chance is not much, after obtaining a search engine with a proper keyword optimization work, this article, not only the needs of users, but also love the search engine, so the site included, ranking will be good.

This requires that we need

ZhengZhan optimization, optimization of the main home key words, the column page can also optimize the main keywords, then we must focus on the optimization of the page. Home page optimization, A5 experts have said a lot, here to share a little skill.

each of the best title can have a main keywords, and the title of the article as the best and the user search is similar, because the title of your users and search more similar to your article ranking on the former, and the title of the keywords in the 2~3 control. Then, each article should be properly added keywords, a few can be, and then add a description of the article. In this way, updated every day, every day to do so, and more included, the weight of your web site is also high, the flow of nature will be more. Go on and stick to it. You’ll be able to see the results.

second, website external promotion

1, the chain construction: network promotion can’t leave the chain construction, quality of the chain can give the web site to improve the weight, relative, if it is bad, the chain will also site counterproductive. Such experience, Adsense nets also have a lot of, usually to weight high place, stay outside the chain. I think first choice

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