Secrets about the product what are our websites the public numbers trying to say

Beijing time on October 3, 2015 at two fifteen in the afternoon, or sixteen minutes; the sun is still very dazzling, autumn some coolness of autumn;

at the moment, the puppet is in the nameless stone of the Olympic Forest Park. The pagoda is on the left, the bird’s nest is right, and the back is the national sports center.

actually, the puppet is barefoot; rumors of triangle stability at the moment, the puppet is the bird’s nest, linglongta, the national sports center consists of a triangle, begged God to give me a little bit of divine wisdom and money use……

don’t be overly obsessed with user experience, and don’t lose your unique style,


style, especially the style can not be lost is based on their products placed on the basis of the user pain points satisfied; this sentence seems a bit long, split: products to solve the pain of user convenience, style is the product of their solution;

puppet king also want to give an example: 12306, the pain point is to be able to buy tickets, tube you want what button, good-looking, beautiful layout, and easy to buy it…… Where to go network interface is good, typesetting atmosphere, easy to operate; but, every new year or grab tickets, the first impression is still straight to 12306 of the broken web site……

This is the definition of

two styles; 12306 to master the essential point of pain, so you love to buy it, so I go; except the nature of the network to grasp the pain points to buy it, buy it, old and convenient, but the crucial moment is not necessarily off the chain;

in turn, think about our product, our WeChat public number, our website. What are you trying to say,


recently bother God, a lot of people with my micro signal kuko1028; the same question, I do not copy and paste to answer; for example products, and WeChat, and will ask: do marketing their own products / WeChat / Channel How to improve? Of course to ask you what. The situation can be informed? The question is to ask…… Well, the puppet can only answer from the user experience point of view to analyze your products, micro signals, channels of communication; alas, asking for a red envelope is really not easy.

user experience

user experience of the word we are not unfamiliar, can we know how it comes? Puppet Jun is in 2011 did not know there is such a word, not used in WeChat products, channels above; but the application in product design, human-computer interaction; ha ha, I actually learned what the super media things will also tell you


user experience (User Experience, referred to as UE/UX) is a kind of pure subjective user use the product process in built up feeling; quietly tell you, the puppet began to think that the user experience is to use the two UE/UX software; hush >

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