Site navigation station how decisive battle mobile nternet

nearly two years from apple, Amazon’s fame, led the rapid development of global mobile terminal, and the rapid development of the domestic 3G, marking the Internet into a new era, that is the era of mobile Internet, mobile Internet era will create numerous opportunities and great achievements of numerous enterprises.

wireless Internet era, everyone is familiar with the mobile phone, WAP station a few years scenery wireless, feed countless large and small SP, a few years ago, there are a lot of people predicted the advent of the mobile Internet, but only stay in concept and slow development stage, with nearly two years of rapid development of mobile terminal, tablet computer, MID, electronic reader, intelligent mobile phone, as well as the popularity of WIFI, the concept of mobile Internet on the spot, with the specific product form at the end of this chain. As a result, we can see the application of a variety of mobile Internet industry is fast, the past two years the most popular games such as reading, two applications, and fully explains the mobile Internet hot, take reading for example, Apple iPad iBooks, Amazon’s Kindle reading terminal, and the book Hanvon electronic reader, China Shanda, China Mobile’s reading base in Hangzhou, and all the domestic first-line brand to enter the computer, tablet computer, electronic reader, MID industry, has been fully explained the problem.

now enterprises have been fully aware of, if not quickly enter into this field, will face enormous challenges, because the Internet users have traditional PC users will enjoy the convenience of the mobile Internet and fun.

site navigation as a field of Internet application, behoove as soon as possible in the field of mobile Internet, to capture new user groups and retain the traditional Internet users, as soon as possible to step into this field, can stop the initiative, proactive, invincible. Site navigation station, in the mobile internet field development, from the following aspects to consider:

one. Design new product form. Mobile Internet users, most of them are using a variety of mobile terminals, the size of the screen size, touch screen of different materials, etc., will affect the user experience. For example, most intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer screen 3-4 inch 7-9 inch screen, generally in the MID in general 5-8 inch screen, so the design of the products, to try to consider the user experience of the product, to the convenience of users and reading habits.

two. The form of the site navigation station. Form of Web site navigation, as much as possible of the rich, in the mobile terminal, to a certain degree of entertainment, so try not to use the site navigation station boring text accumulation, can use the site navigation, visual navigation and so on in the form of animation.

three. Mainstream mobile platforms. At present, the share of mobile terminals is larger than Apple’s IOS and Google’s ANDROID operating system

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