He is one of the most famous webmaster missed the mobile nternet bonus period did not melt a penn

Qian Yu Hualong network CEO

C E O Hualong network: Qian Yu background: University Teachers + advertising media: local martial community financing: three new board


Qian Yu

Why did

1 fail in expansion?

What’s the biggest hole that

2 has stepped on?

What major changes did

3 make from 20 thousand to 80 thousand DAU?

There is no doubt about the value of Internet users in

three or four line cities. They even become the main consumer groups of many listed companies such as vip.com, jumei.com, and 9158. While mobile developers like quickly more and more, also will be targeted in these groups. Compared to a second tier cities white-collar users, three or four line city crowd strong purchasing power and consumer desire really can not be underestimated.

waterside pavilion, firmly in control of this part of Internet users, is scattered in various regions of the local station. Among them, the most famous is the Changzhou long lane, Hangzhou 19 Building, Xiamen fish etc.. They have a strong local content, operations and service advantages, but also become a number of vertical sites in the local realization of the stumbling block.

with "take" (WeChat public number: itakethat) today introduced the long lane, they are entrenched in a local station in Changzhou, not into a penny, in 2015 December successfully listed on the new board, more than 30 million of revenue last year, net profit of nearly 6 million. Specifically, the official in order to realize the transformation, the money Yucai chose three new board.

CEO told the money Yu Hualong lane "take", the new list released from the media’s list of the top 20, about half of that year is well-known local website. The local station, relying on the advantages of information content, gradually extended to the depth of services, and launched offline activities. He always felt that the commercial value of the local station was far from being played out.

"Suzhou micro life, eating and drinking, in, Guangzhou, Nanning circle, etc., rely on professional content inputs, depth services, offline expansion, etc., a micro signal in the provincial city has done 10 million scale.". "As the" boss ", most of the webmaster has been a fairly moist.

as the original long lane, under the impact of the mobile Internet, as a local station, they also feel pain. First, the PC traffic is being eroded by the mobile internet. Second, more appetite of the webmaster, in different places when the expansion of failure in the end. Third, the local station single advertising model gradually eliminated by the market, some small and medium-sized sites vertical transformation, powerless.


technology stationmaster most will only modify the code, not sensitive to consumption and industry transformation method of no flow; with the increase, it turned into a combat team, management should start from scratch; the three or four line of the city, the lack of remote exchange learning opportunities…… Anxiety, disappointment and helplessness are the embarrassing situations faced by local webmaster.

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