The road of the website when should insist and when to give up

last night with an old classmates talk about some things website, the students before several good friends worked for Internet Co, followed by the resignation opened a network company, the main local industry website (not to mention the specific industry). He said that this year down, development is not ideal, experienced hiring, cutting people, from the initial 3 people to 10 people, and then to the current 5 people. Money is secondary, more important is the heart of the huge pressure, daily expenses of the fierce competition, cost pressures, and the bottleneck outside expectations and their own development, this group of contradiction makes him really want to give up, and his partner as early as a few months ago has left. At this point, I do not know how to persuade him, whether or not to insist, or should give up, and once let me choose to abandon and adhere to the screen, in the brain flashed across the curtain.

06 years is the development of personal website the most crazy time, I with my friends to do a lot of sites, mainly relying on Baidu keyword the guide vane, no content, no technical content, completely by keyword with the title, the content is as long as the keyword heap wide of the mark, the number will be able to get good enough the ranking and traffic, although strong timeliness, but with updated every day, has been very optimistic about the flow. That’s what we usually refer to as garbage stations. At the same time, some of the better developed websites were doing the same thing, and so began. When the algorithm constantly adjust, search engines continue, this operation has not, these sites really began to transition, to provide users with the required content, of course, this process must be done before the popular keyword can’t be compared with the flow, need long suffering. So, we chose to give up, and the fact that can experience such a period of time, as long as the website continues, to the back can have good development. And we chose to give up, and the result may be we gave up a few good website development opportunities.

To promote the

08 years of Taobao, let more people to engage in the online industry, but Taobao did not provide enough space to store merchandise picture, then the picture is stored into a huge user demand. I told my friend immediately on a server, has developed a set of simple picture storage system, users need to register to upload pictures and free chain pictures, and later added the registered users to upload pictures, user space and function. The promotion of a very simple way, directly to the Taobao owner, a client directly from Ali Wangwang promotion, add friends, and online message system constantly inform shopkeepers, we provide free photo storage website. And the latter thing, I believe we can understand, because the database optimization is unreasonable, the server constantly problems, and constantly solve such problems. Then, the huge user base, hundreds of thousands of pictures uploaded every day, have to continue to increase the hard disk, bandwidth, and even the entire server. At this point, the huge amount of daily expenses made it necessary for us two to consider whether or not to return this item

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