n the age of mass entrepreneurship App developers were harvesting users


in this era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, the best choice for entrepreneurship is still to be a app.

, regardless of your type of business or business model, will eventually land on app. You have to reach your users via smartphones, and there are entrepreneurs who accumulate users through social platforms like WeChat, but at some stage they still need to develop and operate app. Living is not only a doubling of the risk itself, does not meet the entrepreneurial behavior.

The problem for

entrepreneurs is that too many app are too hard to stand out.

from the survey data show that the current number of APP around the world in about 3 million, and a single user to use app, no more than 10~30. Grab users mobile phones, means to stand out from hundreds of thousands of app, its difficulty is self-evident. It’s harder to reach a loyal user than to reach a user. So, at this stage, a better choice is to activate your stock customers and enhance user activity, which is more important than getting new users.

from the industry background, too. In 2008, Apple introduced the Appstore 2015 to seven years, the app industry from scratch, and then to prosperity; 2011 to 2014 in the four years is four years app developers really high speed development, the success of the app venture projects have users and capital gains. In 2015, app developers collectively entered the mobile Internet business venture zone, access to users gradually become second of the developers’ needs, and active users have become the first demand.

current mainstream industry to enhance the active three major means: integration system, community operations, cash subsidies.

1, integral system — the most typical means of operation, applicable to all kinds of app and O2O projects.

use integral system, points mall typical case is a taxi.

into the personal center, you can see drops of points mall. In the mall, drops of various taxi coupons are most sought after, but also a variety of businesses to provide a wealth of gifts. From the line every day robbed taxi drops coupons, points mall has achieved the purpose of active users, its disadvantage is that human input is too big, points mall taxi drops have more than twenty people operations team. For most teams, from product build to late operation is a great challenge.

, a complete integral system, consists of two essential components: the integration task & and the integral mall.

integral tasks, that is, the user to achieve points to complete the established task. Common integration tasks, such as: sign in, share, review, improve data and other active user behavior. The key to this link is that the integration task should be as simple as possible, and that the user’s understanding of costs and execution costs should be minimal so that they can be developed

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