Talking about starting a website from the user’s point of view

in the Internet for many years, various forms of Internet have encountered quite a bit of experience, in some respects, not possession, hope to discuss with you.

today start from the station, most of the personal webmaster do station, or in order to make big flow to earn advertising fees. The younger brother also walked through this way in the early days (now the station in hand has been dealt with basically, now in a fairly influential Internet Co). This time is to spend more effort in the promotion of the website itself or in the optimization of most webmaster friends shilly-shally problem, I believe many of my friends prefer the former, because most of my friends think that as long as the website promotion, content rich will have good traffic, think so is no ground for blame. But such a choice would mean that we would have to lose a considerable number of repeat customers.

personally think that to improve the user experience of the website itself is very necessary in the premise of ensuring the quality of the promotion spend more time, only you really for the sake of users feeling, really meet the needs of users, to solve the problem of users, website traffic will continue to rise.

don’t forget the word of mouth is the best viral marketing, watercress (http://s.douban.com) growth that knowledge of friends all know he did not deliberately to spend a great effort to promote, but pay more attention to the user experience of the website itself, and how to update the more simple let visitors find what you want, to do things….

of course for our webmaster friends, not very good project, general website promotion promotion still can not be ignored, there are actually a lot of Jin Qiao, SEO to do, Post Bar forum to send, but also need to seize the breaking point, let a lot of people don’t forget about you is not hard to do, if you have good use big Internet companies, search engine, e-commerce platform, portal website can.

a simple example: online reading (http://s.read.haoshuguan.com), (a friend, a small ad) although the station is not very perfect, but a good point, technical content is relatively high, with the reading channel Tengxun updates, the user experience is also good, and constantly updated, in order to truly let users read more convenient. My friend is also willing to share the program, interested webmaster friends, you can contact him, Q418515977.

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