Market trends HTC began layoffs


technology market competition is increasingly fierce, many electronics brand in the competitive arena has disappeared, the day before HTC in layoffs storm, the end is doomed or stage a comeback?

Taiwan Taoyuan mayor Zheng Wencan said, "Taiwan has HTC in accordance with the Labor Standards Law" to "Taoyuan municipal government submitted layoffs, layoffs are expected to be completed before the end of October. The staff will be helped by the government, Taoyuan has opened the employment program to help the staff to find a new job.

according to the previous message, HTC this year the cumulative loss of NT $15 per share for the 3 quarter. In mobile phone sales and stock price by defeating predicament, HTC had to go through layoffs to reduce operating costs; in addition, there are rumors that HTC plant in Shanghai has been shut down in a few months ago, more than 500, more than 600 employees have left. Once the king, now in such a state, can not help but sob!



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