Love DV witness the wealth of happiness

said "love DV" this way to the Chan and Li Senfeng are very shy smile, because the original is a chance to find. Because the two conflict, Li Senfeng to apologize to restore the Chan DV form, only the later story. Witness from the original "two world" to make love, a unique business, to Chan and Li Senfeng pocketed the "sweet" money.

found an opportunity from the apology DV

Chan in an advertising copywriter, a good writing; her boyfriend Li Senfeng is a marketing department staff, do packshower – bit recording content is "two world" love spare time. 2006, two people because of a dispute arising from conflict.

in order to save the situation, Li Senfeng to re edit all the records, made of love DV, and with words and sounds, through this special form to apologize to his girlfriend. Results to the Chan much moved, forgive her boyfriend. After two people together, "love DV" has spread like wildfire, relatives and friends have asked them for help in making. This makes to Chan and Li Senfeng realized that they found a rich opportunity.

amateur to create a sweet cause

2007 to 2009, Li Senfeng and Chan in the premise of not to leave their work, continue to undertake the production of some "love DV" business. Only in 2008, filming on 15 works, each works according to the average fee of 2000 yuan (investment mainly is the artificial cost, negligible) calculation, considerable profits. Some studio also take the initiative to cooperate with them, to bring them some DV shooting and production business. See the market space is very large, coupled with their own interests, Li Senfeng rate before the resignation in 2009, specializing in the business, and the studio as the main object of cooperation.

"we have our own advantages." Li Senfeng introduced, for the studio, the shooting is not a problem, but with the script, dubbing, post editing synthesis and other content, they do not worthwhile, and we do not ‘professional’. So we can only transfer the business to us, they make their own difference."

with this understanding, Li Senfeng began to spend time running studio, wedding company, while continuing to rely on word of mouth effect, with friends and customers to promote. Soon, the business developed. At the beginning of 2010, in the business "youmoyouyang", married to Chan and Li Senfeng. In August 2010, Chan to the birth of a daughter, which bring them new business.

life is a source of business

is the first father, Li Senfeng took a lot of beautiful moments after the birth of the daughter with DV, and add these fragments

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