The four generation of mutton soup is good

every popular snack behind Xiaobian want to find one of the old and more flavor of the story, see today Xiaobian to bring you such an interesting snack story.

mutton soup or miscellaneous cut, a local snack for Shanxi. According to legend, the Shanxi people eat miscellaneous cut began in the Yuan Dynasty, miscellaneous cut one or the mother of Kublai. Kublai Khan by Jin into the Central Plains, through Quwo County, the mother of St. Johnston illness empress dowager Xu Guozhen for his treatment, Quwo medical cure, become the mother of Kublai and the physician. Xu Han’s mother good chef with Zhuang Zi serve the holy empress dowager. See the Han Mongolian lamb, abandoned water very pity, will pick up the sheep into the water boiled, washed with scallion and pepper to eat, its taste is very beautiful. The Empress Dowager taste after praise more than that, the given name "haggis cut". Since then gradually spread into a folk snack.

four generation

mutton soup is good

The fundamental purpose of

investment is undoubtedly want to make money, make money of the project is a good project, the four generation occupies a space for one person in the Chinese food industry and mutton soup. As the Chinese food industry attracted consumers brand, the four generation of mutton soup was founded in 2015 mainly engaged in Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup, haggis and other Chinese dishes etc.. The variety of dishes, good taste and good health and other advantages, widely known in the Chinese market reflects strong, well received!

consumer reputation good

is now the company attaches great importance to the reputation, the good reputation of consumers is very important, in the public comment, the four generation of mutton soup has a good reputation


After joining the

headquarters will give corresponding support, headquarters shop before guide to help franchisees choose a good store, after the opening of the headquarters to help franchisees choose the appropriate business strategy, make the brand quickly occupied the local market, the formation of brand awareness.

through a small series of reports, I believe the basic situation about the brand understanding, if you want to join the four generation of mutton soup, mutton soup is a good choice! Remember to join the first in our website below message oh!

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