Tianjin launched innovative entrepreneurial service cloud platform

cloud computing is a new node in the Internet era, the use of network information services and the management of the advantages of transmission, sharing of resources, improve utilization. When this technology is applied to innovation and entrepreneurship, we can set up a comprehensive public service platform for entrepreneurs.

log in "high tech Zone Innovation public service platform", you can see the policy, entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, etc. a pass through several sections, provide information services for the enterprises, such as in the "policy", enterprises can search for the national, provincial and municipal policies and other information; "business links" for enterprises looking for a house, looking for accounting, such as licensing business services. All of these services are free.

has advanced involved in the platform to build high-tech enterprises in the zone of Tianjin one venture productivity limited company general manager Zhong Hui told reporters: "the company’s financial service function, project diagnosis function, angel investment features will be embedded in the platform, to boost innovation and entrepreneurship. At the same time, as a user, we found a lot of interesting information on the platform, such as platform released all the media horizon launched the "new media operations" service is made up of our short board, now two teams have combined office."

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