Men do dessert finally realize the dream of wealth

operating dessert shop, is the wish of many businesses. A lot of dessert shop owners are men, they are not less than the love of this kind of food. Today, let’s meet a man who is a dessert shop owner to see how he can start a business!

dessert turning to open mind, once wine dealer Liu Chao said, the summer of 2013 and a friend accidentally walked into a dessert shop, he felt comfortable, suddenly want to own a dessert.

"at the store from one frame to gradually forming, just like looking at their children grow up together. Although I have not been a parent, but also can feel the feeling." Liu Chao said, I hope that their dessert can bring fresh and comfortable feeling. Therefore, in the design, I will be a unified decorative style of fresh green wind."

Open dessert shop "undercover" learning


in a dessert at work, Liu Chao observed the learning and management mode of making desserts carefully, he found that almost all desserts are semi-finished products, only according to the standard collocation can be.

he also found, such as mango, mango varieties, the front desk clerk on Mango peel thickness, will affect the taste of mango ice and visual effects. For example, the production of the usual snow white juice must be frozen, if the waiter put it in the refrigerator, it will affect the taste.

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