Preferential policies to support entrepreneurship in Yunnan Kunming

wave of entrepreneurship has been hit, all over the introduction of appropriate policies to support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs have to point praise, after all, business has been greatly supported by the state, then Yunnan Kunming entrepreneurship policy support what?

"the earliest before, some special industry to do the business license, may be more than 1 thousand pre-approval, run a department to build a chapter to be in accordance with the day, May 3 years may not be able to get a license, not to mention business. In accordance with the new ‘after the first photo card’ system, this month, some industrial and commercial sector will no longer require pre-approval, the submission of materials are complete, in line with the statutory form, directly issued a business license." Deputy director of the Kunming municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau Chang Jinyun said before the day.

"after the first photo card system reform, it is in March 1st this year, China’s reform of commercial registration system since the implementation of the measures by the society, the enterprises concerned.

the new system to stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm

3 1 days since the reform of the national commercial registration system, greatly stimulated the development of Kunming market players.

Kunming Industrial and Commercial Bureau enterprise supervision department information display, Kunming city enterprise development and the rapid growth of the number of. From March 1st to July 30th, the city’s newly registered enterprises 10 thousand and 400, an increase of 52.39%; among them, the new registered company has 10422 households, accounted for 99.7% of newly registered enterprises; registered capital of newly registered enterprises in total 42 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 110%.

"do poineering work now is very convenient, from the shop to obtain a business license, a total of more than 1 months, and start-up costs mainly in the venue hire purchase, such as business license to receive is free of charge, paid for by the government." Just opened a small shop, Mr. Wang said, due to the administrative aspects of the time to shorten, simplify procedures, around a lot of grassroots friends have a shop or do some business plan.

The first batch of 31


can take the "identity card" again "business card"

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