How to choose the right home textile brand

Volkswagen needs the product is suitable for investment. Textile and other bedding business projects, although it seems insignificant, but it is a very promising development potential. Such a promising project to join the textile market, in fact, make money easily.

A, advertising support: whether or not to be the continuation of the enterprise advertising support, whether the corresponding proportion of the cost of advertising support.

two, market analysis: guidance for new franchise customers, whether the spot market survey, store location evaluation, analysis of market competition environment and a series of feasibility, ensure the successful brand into the market.

Three, support

four, logistics support: whether the logistics services provided by the company to ensure fast and efficient goods circulation, to meet the market demand of the line.

five, the long-term effective marketing guidance: whether the company will send professional marketing personnel, marketing diagnosis for customers, timely adjustment of marketing strategy, to ensure the benign operation of the franchise.

six, promotion of the overall planning: the company planning propaganda; implementation of national large-scale promotional activities every year to enhance brand awareness, expand market share; the company provides large-scale promotional activities required to display; to hold activities in the region, the company will send a good manager to participate in friendship support around. Promotional items are designed and produced by the company.

seven, information sharing support: whether the company will be the first time to ensure the company’s internal information sharing with customers, in order to adjust the market strategy.

eight, inventory, transfer cargo handling: the customer backlog of bad inventory, whether the company in a timely manner through the different planning programs to help customers decompression, or direct transfer cargo handling, ensure the benign operation of the franchise.

nine, the incentive mechanism: according to overfulfil the number of indicators, whether to provide rebates and quarterly bonus.

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