Shanxi Jincheng innovation and entrepreneurship to stimulate the rebirth of the ancient city

Shanxi, Jincheng, an old and new vitality of the city, is trying to transform, open a door to innovation and entrepreneurship, the majority of young entrepreneurs to provide unprecedented help to ignite the passion of entrepreneurship.

"we Jincheng has become the employment of the land, the people of passion are the transition comprehensive reform pilot area lit." Set foot on the land of Shanxi City, Jincheng Municipal Propaganda Department comrades said proudly.

precise guidance, ignite passion

5 years ago, a small college graduate, Cheng mother is most worried about, poor family, his son can not find the object. However, let the old man happy is Zhenzhen did a year sales in the market after Home Furnishing alone, opened the first shop, by the end of 2013, the coffee is grown to 6, a year can earn millions of yuan; 2014 by city transformation project guidance office of the one-stop large-scale stores: Home Furnishing nondo Home Furnishing.

"so fast development, certainly not without government support." Small Cheng said, the waves of the initial stage of its own funds to rent space and decoration. He was climbing over the ridge juncture, Jincheng venture financing service center to help out, let him get 2 million yuan discount loan. At the same time, in accordance with the relevant policies of Jincheng independent entrepreneurship and promote employment, he got 500 thousand yuan loans and 1000 yuan each employee employment subsidies, employees are generally city departments to organize business training.

smoothly through the start-up period of the storm, within a year, his Home Furnishing store turnover has exceeded ten million yuan. I now want to hire as many employees, in particular, to hire more college students to work together, the return of the community, to do more things in the city transformation."

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