Laid off workers brave to start a new destiny

many people hear the word "laid off" feel very afraid, because without a job, it is equivalent to a lot of people completely lost the source of income. In fact, the job is by no means the only way out, as long as you have enough courage, entrepreneurship is to rewrite the fate of choice.

self-reliance, do destiny

the initiation of the idea, to study, in June 2001, she founded the welfare factory. After the start of the brick house, she was the first local people and laid off nearly 80 people. Due to good management, welfare brick soon entered a healthy development track, in 2011, she has invested in the production of hollow brick production line, the annual increase in the effectiveness of brick.

had some ideas of her, immediately enrolled in Entrepreneurship training. In the days of learning entrepreneurship training in entrepreneurship through the guidance of experts, she gradually learned how to choose their own entrepreneurial projects, how to allocate and manage the venture capital, also did not forget to go home every day with her husband on the content of learning, entrepreneurship training ignited Ren Yong entrepreneurial passion.

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