The perfect CDO Li Qing ZuLong perfect world entertainment from independent Entrepreneurship


technology news on August 19th news, according to sources, the perfect world chief development officer Li Qing has left the perfect business, with the departure of Li Qing, ZuLong entertainment officially from perfect world independently, and in a perfect world, the investor’s identity in Li Qing’s business.

ZuLong studio was founded in 1997, founded by Li Qing. From a single era began to "perfect world", to the subsequent "Zhu Xian", "swordsman", "mainland", "The Legendary Swordsman", "Saint Seiya" etc from ZuLong studio, is a core pillar of perfect development. Allegedly, ZuLong entertainment R & D team took nearly 80% perfect research elite.

in addition, ZuLong also has a number of IP, such as "fantasy Zhu Xian", "The Legendary Swordsman of Invincible Eastern", "Zhu Xian world", the first project "six dragon Yutian" is currently being tested, reportedly good performance data.

Li Qing graduated from the Department of Engineering Physics of Tsinghua University in 1998, and graduated from the Institute of nuclear energy technology of Tsinghua University in 2000. 1997 began the game design work, with nearly 20 years of game development experience, is one of China’s first game producer.

at the end of October last year, perfect world officially announced the R & D team structure adjustment, the establishment of five new subsidiary. The ZuLong entertainment limited by Li Qing led the core team of R & D personnel jointly set up, and served as the company CEO. (Ivan)

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