The story of a millionaire from a farmer can not do without

everyone’s life is destined to be extraordinary, as long as you work hard, you can always do well. There is a saying that good, you will win, only to work hard, your life will be brilliant, your life will be more wonderful, Luo Guangming was born in a peasant family in Yongxing County, Jiangxi city of Jinggangshan Province, from the beginning and he born poor, closely linked. Yongxing is the old revolutionary base, located in remote mountainous areas, the land for generations with only dig and eat live, life is even poorer, bitter and bitter. After adding two siblings in the family, the young man began to go to the mountains with his parents to do farm work. From dawn to dusk, a little food only collected throughout the year, but can’t let the whole family to eat. At the age of 8, Luo Guangming is old enough to go to school, at home, he couldn’t afford the school, but there is no culture of the mother or the teeth and sent him to school, I hope he can read the university out of the poor mountain village. The school house 10 miles, dawn light Luo up to help their mother cooked food, with a food group to the school after school in the afternoon, to walk more than and 10 miles to the mountain to help his father work. Although it is a child to school, but from primary school to junior high school, Luo Guangming spent most of the time with farm work, work became his main business.

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