s was surrounded by Russian special forces and the hero selection

IS of the existence of risk factors exist very much, this dangerous force must be eradicated, the Russian air forces of the siege has weakened its great strength in is surrounded by Russian special forces, the hero of the special forces is the choice with.


2016 March 28th hearing, the Russian military air strikes in Syria has been greatly weakened Islamic State Organization (IS), the attack is also the process of the emergence of heroes. Recently, the Russian special forces surrounded by IS, indifferent to life and death, both their own and the enemy airstrikes bomb.

24, in the battle against Palmyra, the Russian special forces a special forces to guide the positioning of the IS stronghold and sacrifice. The special forces in Palmyra a week of combat missions, found the most important target – the location of the IS terrorists, the Russian military action to accurately locate.




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