2016 annual meeting of the NetEase economist to explore the charm of women entrepreneurs

in recent years, the rise of female entrepreneurial groups, indicating that China’s entrepreneurial environment is gradually opening up. The day before, several outstanding female industry representatives gathered about the significance of entrepreneurship "her" era of society and nation.

2016 economist NetEase annual meeting held in Beijing today, the forum theme of "new country figure   restart growth", in the "forum" female charm and power on the five influential women in different industry representatives expressed their different views on female entrepreneurship.

MaryMa senior fashion brand founder Marry Ma believes that women can play their own advantages to make their careers better. In my own experience, working for so many years, the biggest advantage is women’s persistence, tenacity. Meet the ability to withstand the pressure of things, relatively speaking is more prominent, more unique point."


from Chinese yuho strategic leader Liu Zhen, the entrepreneurial process is not blindly go along the way, still need to focus on the user, really drip to collect user, better as a power forward.

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