Xining played the strongest voice of mutual support work

The fine tradition of Xining city

yongjunyoushu, cherishing the adhering, in order to consolidate and develop the support model city results as the basis, to the development of local productivity and improve combat effectiveness, enhance military and civilian cohesion as the goal, support work from development, showing the importance of military force, propaganda and education atmosphere thick, yongjunyoushu, cherishing the strength of new ideas large, full implementation of preferential policies, build military effectiveness of real, "with a common fate, heart to heart" military and civil military relations have been further consolidated and developed. Our city has been awarded seven times six times the double support model city, was awarded the title of national support model city.
a way to implement the "12345" support the leadership responsibility system
"1" is to support work as the number one project, the main leadership at all levels of approval support work plan, the implementation of support tasks, formed a new pattern of government leaders personally take the support work.
"2" is to establish "two level" organization, in 2012, complete with strong city, district (county) level two support work full-time deputy director of the office of the leading group, set up the organization, the implementation of the support staff, staffing and funding.
"3" at all levels of support work leading group to work to achieve the "three", that is, the leading group will hold regular meetings army, military, military joint forum system, both the military and research support work ideas, to jointly build a plan and solving difficult problems in work often, government coordination and communication support work normalization.
"4" is to support work in the government work report that "four into", that is included in the schedule, Party committees and governments at all levels into the development of social economy and the overall planning, construction units included in the annual target management responsibility system, and the scope of performance evaluation of leading cadres into an important part of city civilization and create activities to create national unity and progress of the.
"5" is to promote the support work to achieve the "five place", namely the mechanism of publicity and education measures in place, in place and perform their duties in place, put in place policies, innovation and performance in place.

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