The number of active rescue wildlife has increased

so far in January 2013, Xining wildlife rescue center has 12 kinds of wild animals to rescue 46 (only), of which 39 (only) was successfully returned to the wild. "Now, more and more people are taking the initiative to rescue wild animals!" Xining wildlife rescue center, a staff member said.

October 18th, a reporter from the Xining Wild Animal Rescue Center learned that in recent years, Xining wild animal rescue center in addition to rescue the kestrels, swans and other rare animal, also helped manul, desert cat, pheasants and other wild animal. These animals are mainly due to injury, food poisoning, or illegal personnel in the market illegal transactions, seized by law enforcement officers. Even more gratifying is that people’s awareness of wildlife rescue greatly enhanced. Many people after the rescue of small animals, regardless of personal gains and losses, through various channels to find ways to get in touch with the Xining wildlife rescue center. Some people will therefore spend a lot of money, and in order to wait for ambulance personnel and spend time. (author: Zhang Pu)

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