Reporter the beautiful lake regression revisited

Jessica Green has not seen a trace of garbage, wide landscape road is hard to find the Luantingluanfang vehicles, greeted the cleaning staff busy scene, is the urban management staff is patient persuasion, most tourists behave civilized and orderly…… The old trees lined with green hills of the Lake District Fire ditch landscape and lake wetland park once again returned to the US.

in September 8th, the Xining Evening News "sad" reported in the newspapers near January, reporters once again into the Sea Lake District Fire ditch landscape and Lake Wetland Park, see and feel totally is a world of difference, great changes have taken place in the scenic environment, although individual visitors still litter, destruction of green space uncivilized behavior, but most visitors behavior has been greatly improved. Along the Huoshaogou landscape with the wide and clean road, Luantingluanfang vehicles and ornaments stalls disappeared, staff on duty at the time of the vehicle and roadside stalls were advised to leave. In the landscape, from time to time there are staff to discourage uncivilized behavior of tourists, cleaning staff to clean up the scattered garbage. Although many tourists, but the feeling of civilization and orderly, clear river came the laughter of children playing. Now the sea lake wetland park to prohibit all vehicles into the reporter, walking into the far green see the staff busy, before the garbage has been looted, green and green willows sway the wind seems to make extra fresh air here. Just a few hundred meters before the line, there are patrol staff came forward to remind: if you want to rest in the park, please leave the garbage away." Simple words but impressed reporters. A tired three sitting in the distance sitting on the side of the road is eating watermelon, parents are very careful to let the child into the watermelon skin into the garbage bag ready. The small bridge is reflected in the water, today’s wetland park with a new look to meet the tourists. (author: Xu Shunkai)

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