Before January 20 2009 Xining urban and rural residents object will receive two low premiums

12 24 July from the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau was informed that in January 20, 2009, the city urban and rural residents generals to January and February two months of low premiums, the basic life guarantee during the two.

to do a good job of urban and rural minimum living guarantee, to ensure that the 2009 New Year’s day and Spring Festival period of eligible funds paid in full and on time, after study, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau in the days before the County Rural subsidies allocated 3348 yuan (including?. 510 thousand city system funds 1366?. 510 thousand yuan, rural residents 19 million 820 thousand yuan of funds). The Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau asked the District Civil Affairs, finance department, work should be prepared in advance, must be in January 20, 2009 before the 1 February, a one-time payment to the subsistence security object hand, without any delay or delay the payment time for any excuse, to ensure that urban and rural poverty groups spend a happy and peaceful new year’s day and spring festival.


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