GPS tracking and positioning 3500 muck car fined

East District Henzhao in treatment of road dust pollution, high-tech is the old way, together, let all kinds of road vehicles to dust, have been taken.
the purchase of 17 sets of sprinkler, 4 spray car and 8 mechanical sweeper, effectively alleviate the problem of insufficient cleaning power; the regular on road surface to conduct a comprehensive clean-up, effectively reduce the dust pollution caused by the two regolith; turning to muck transport vehicle "tracing back", requiring all sediment transport vehicles to install a GPS device, the establishment of mutual Road, Nanshan Road, Ning cross road 3 fixed and mobile vehicle inspection, from the source to control the vehicle road not covered with mud muck behavior, avoid road dust, the cumulative penalties for violations of more than 3500 vehicles; the daily combined with climate change on the area of the sprinkler, spray arrangement the 33 way of spraying dust, focusing on increasing the frequency of watering Guoluo Road, Huang Zhong Lu, mutual Road, Nanshan Road and other roads. The daily average of each watering frequency is 7 times, the average daily volume of 1315 tons of water; the optimization of road cleaning mode, the best way to spray car and mechanical sweeper "before after sprinkling sweep, two times the maximum dust pollution caused by cleaning. The increase of "in front of three" to implement the responsibility system of supervision, persuasion and stop Jeeves, cluttered, throwing sewage, littering and other uncivilized behavior.


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