The province’s ecological environment of the state’s key ecological function of the county environme

7 late last month, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau China environmental monitoring station invited relevant experts verification group, national key ecological function areas of ecological environment quality assessment on-site verification of Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Xining City, Ledu City, East Sea area and Haidong residents and Hui and Tu Autonomous county.

The verification of

group to 3 counties (districts) and the problems of the government informed the Ministry of environmental protection, the Ministry of Finance on the 2015 annual national key ecological function areas of ecological environmental quality assessment results, the common problems of the 3 counties is the natural economic and social situation of reporting is not complete, environmental quality monitoring data of the missing part and the monitoring frequency does not meet the requirements, the construction of farmland, woodland and grassland, wetland area, the land and unused land area and the county area is inconsistent, and lack of information causes, changes in environmental quality County centralized disposal facility acceptance materials sewage treatment facilities and garbage etc..

The verification of

group through the field of view in Datong County, Ledu District, Minhe county urban sewage treatment facilities, garbage disposal facilities, surface water quality monitoring sites (section), station, centralized drinking water source, the key sources of pollution enterprises, rural environment, environmental pollution control and ecological protection engineering construction and etc. operation of the air automatic monitoring and assessment requirements by county government attaches great importance to strengthen the sense of responsibility, county assessment and ecological environmental protection work, the main responsibility for the implementation of key ecological function areas of environmental protection and management, the national key ecological function areas of transfer for the protection of the ecological environment and improve people’s livelihood funds, promote the ecological environmental quality continues to improve.


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