n the future there will be 40 beds per thousand elderly institutions pension

By the end of 12th Five-Year, the province’s social pension beds 21036, to achieve a per thousand elderly people have 30 beds of social care services in 12th Five-Year planning objectives. In the future, our province in the hardware construction of pension services, will be gradually reached the provincial exemplary pension service center, city, county hospital, building maintenance professional is a comprehensive social welfare center hardware system, one per thousand elderly pension agency beds will reach more than 40, nursing type beds accounted for more than 30% of the total beds.

in the construction of pension service software, our province will also rely on the further standardization of pension services information technology, foster a number of pension service personnel to the nursing staff as the core, the elderly pension supplemented by social workers and staff team. Create a number of pension institutions, home care professional, brand enterprises, social organizations and volunteers, and improve the level of nursing service quality in our province, the province’s elderly can based home care, community service and institution support for added peace of mind, enjoy a happy old age pension.  

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