Taking the people’s sense of security as the goal a report on the three consecutive years of the

May 28th, in the province’s comprehensive management of social management work conference, Xining City, the third won the province’s comprehensive management of social management objectives of the assessment of outstanding areas of the honorary title.

has more than 2 million of the resident population, rapid economic and social development of the provincial capital of Xining, since 2010 will continue to maintain the province’s leading level, to achieve comprehensive management of social management work of the "three consecutive years", it is not easy. However, Xining opened in the social management and peace building in the surrender of a good job, it is not difficult to find, "three consecutive years" was also no accident.

the best management lies in the service, the best service is fine." This is the Xining city in the comprehensive management of social management advocated in the work of the concept. Under this concept, the departments at all levels to focus on work, peace building is a breakthrough development, the people have a sense of security as the goal, to break a number of long-standing social management issues, walk out a new way of market economy under the conditions of the comprehensive management of social management work.

solve the problem in the first line to resolve the conflict

"the first to build the province’s social harmony and stability of the demonstration area". This is the development of Xining to set their own coordinates.

they think, build a strong foundation of peace is the building of grassroots organizations, to create a safe environment in grass-roots work, inspire peace wisdom lies in the innovation of grassroots social management. As a result, their line of work should be born – the situation in the first line, the problem in the first line to resolve the conflict in the first line to resolve, the implementation of the measures in the line, the stability of the first line reinforcement.

control this work method, grid management services to become an effective carrier of peace Xining and the normalization of social management. Relying on the community platform, with "organizational unit minimization, service management optimization" as the goal, to the party organization as the core, to the workstation as the backbone, 143 communities in the city was divided into 1037 regional responsibility grid, "people, places and things, love things," are all included in the grid fine, do public management services, resource sharing, business process standardization, "social worker" and efficient service, to achieve full coverage, grid work of zero-gap".

at the same time, improve the basic social security management mechanism is also intensive work carried out. In 2012 alone invested 104 million yuan, the new community service center 16, community elderly day care center transformation 63, establish and improve the four volunteer service network, established Volunteer Association branch 6, set up a regional professional volunteer service teams 67 community service projects and services continue to broaden the content, service means the quality of community services continuous optimization.

strengthen the prevention and control of specialized forces to explore the road of professional mediation

in recent years, from the promotion of the masses’ sense of security, happiness, starting, Xining continue to improve the basic social security prevention and control capabilities, and comprehensively promote peace Xining;

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