Entrepreneurs have to know the unspoken rules of the industry

people say, gehangrugeshan, different industries have different rules for entrepreneurs, if you do not understand the rules of the industry, it is difficult to success in. So what are the unspoken rules of the industry? Here are some of the unspoken rules of the industry, we come together to understand.

price for the cost price of 70 percent off tiles:

mahogany furniture sales: first understand the "patch"

appearance as like as two peas red sandalwood furniture, "and" patching "patching" price may vary more than ten million, do not know this trick, * * * will lose money.

originally land developers in the development, find the demolition team, is the need to pay for the demolition demolition team according to the truth. But now the contrary, developers will not pay, but also tender, which the demolition team give developers more money, with which to carry out demolition developers, because there are bars, doors and windows, equipment etc. in the demolition stage, is to make money.


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