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Q: postpartum how to dilute the areola color cream? How effective? Have side effect?

The topic of female

chest a lifetime never discussed, modern women not only concerned about the size of Shuangfeng, and more focused on the areola color and size.

mentioned "chest key parts" probably refers to the nipple and areola, this lovely woman part of what you do not know the secret in color

for the different female individual, areola size and color are different. Usually pale tends to pink, and darker skin tends to be brown; if that is black, dark color is dark brown or black areola will tend to.

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Q: that of areola black experience? Love really makes a dull complexion?

is located in the papillary projections Mimi vertices, and around the annular region around the nipple skin pigmentation is deep areola.

areola diameter is about 3 ~ 4cm, various colors were red roses, adolescent pregnancy, lactation, dark brown pigmentation deepened. With the different female individual, areola size and color are different.

movie "sejie" released time off topic, including Tang Wei bold Chuangxi, recently on the Internet debate, many netizens focus on Tang Wei’s chest, even said that the black key parts of her chest, also the legend is two heizao……

in this regard, Taiwan plastic surgeon said, the areola color is caused by hormonal factors of nature, not as some friends said this is representative of the experience, it seems that people’s knowledge and strengthen the effect, don’t be wrong idea, thought the areola and the sexual relationship equate.

A: Generally speaking, women’s nipple and breast development are different, there are many differences in the color of the nipple. Areola black is mainly due to cell aging, female hormone secretion, leading to the nipple epidermis pigmentation, as long as to sexual maturity, the nipple will naturally show black iris, and if the woman had sexual experience, nipple will have such a change, not only the color black nipples, will let the organ gradually become black iris. Therefore, it is a symbol of female breast black body mature, have a wonderful experience of women, breast will therefore grow plump, the body will be more slim and attractive, Why not?.

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areola skin glands and hair. Glands have sweat glands, sebaceous glands and mammary glands. The sebaceous glands are also known, some obvious areola small protrusions, large and shallow, used to protect the delicate, fat secretion of nipple and areola. With the secretion of skin protection, lubrication nipple and baby lip effect.

1, what is the nipple areola

2, the relationship between the nipple and areola color and

3, how to make the areola color more pink

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