Small series to analyze the opening of a parent child clothing store to pay attention to what

now people love "," if people don’t know is one family, parent-child clothing has been applied in many places, and for entrepreneurs, open a parent-child clothing store is also a good choice, and now small for everyone to look at the analysis, open a clothing shop children, should pay attention to what matters?

A, children pay attention to the location of shops.

The location of

if it is to survive in a bunch of stalls, so in the decoration of shops, will expend some effort. Decoration must be distinguished from other shops, and easy for consumers to remember. The color and innocence of jumping the atmosphere is the need to master the two elements.

The product structure of

three, the purchase is the key.

for children, each garment is mainly for 8 sizes, far higher than the number of clothing sizes usually, about more than 200 update styles in each sales season, so the size and variety are the basic characteristics of the children.

four, product display.

children lining what no uniform requirements, can refer to the following methods: classification, classification of small vertical mode display, a single product in a horizontal way to display; price discrimination, any small classification principle, from the cheapest to the most expensive displayed on shelves; the sales of the single case in the bottom of the product display shelf.

five, 80 lock.

The popular

six, parent-child loaded business matters of interpretation.

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