90 entrepreneurs to enter the network of maternal and child industry real case

is now a lot of people choose the Internet business, especially after 80, 90 more hope to get huge wealth through their own business. After a 90 female network entrepreneurs, lock the mother and child industry, her entrepreneurial story worth all entrepreneurs to see, I believe we are very enlightening.

I is a 90, now is an employee of a company in the mobile Internet business. If you go back to 2013 this time my card is printed on the "love for you" founder and CEO. Now I was saddled with a debt to pay monthly, tossed about all night.

2012 at the beginning of my internship into a traditional toy dealer business, as the company in Zhejiang province sales  work. Work needs a long time out of business, although busy but for me at the time of income is quite impressive.

This time

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