Google China shut down the hot list and other services to end cooperation with the end of the world

July 20th afternoon news, Google China official today published a blog, officially announced its new service in china. Under the new framework, Google.cn will provide shopping, music, translation three products, hot list and life of the two services will be closed, while the official termination and cooperation between the ends of the earth.

in the application for ICP license annual inspection, annual inspection and other enterprises pass, Google China’s strategic adjustment is completed.

Google China today for the first time through the blog, officially announced its new framework for providing services in china. Among them, Google.cn users can use the shopping, music and translation of these three products. At the same time, Google China decided to shut down the hot list and live two products are not widely popular.

there are some services will be provided by Google.com.hk.

in addition, Google China also confirmed the termination of cooperation with the end of the world, this week to stop the world to come and ask questions and answers of the technical support, but the future of Google China will operate its own version of Q & a products.

"we think it’s a good time to re adjust our R & D team and focus on other new and existing products," Google China said. As for the map service, Google China said it is conducting policy research, there is no further news announced. (Meng Hong)

below is the update on Google Chinese products, Bowen:

as Google Chinese users know, now we have a new service architecture in China, that is, through the Google.cn and Google.com.hk these two domain names to serve Chinese users. Users can use Google.cn, shopping, music and translation of these three products. On Google.com.hk, users can use a lot of other products, such as web search, Google information, as well as a new version of Google will soon be on the line in the next few days. Although we will be two domain names to provide products for Chinese users, but users can be very convenient to use. Whether it is access to Google.cn or Google.com.hk, users can easily access any one of the products between the two domain names.

Google has been constantly providing new products and features to the user to try: some attempts to achieve great success, while others are generally. In China, the hot list and the lives of these two products have not been widely welcomed by Chinese users, so we decided to close these two products. In addition, according to our earlier this year, the news, we will stop this week to the end of the world and the technical support. In the future, Google and Tianya will operate different versions of Q & a products. We are sorry for the users who love these products. We think it’s a good time to readjust ourselves

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