Robbers elude Jesus

first_imgThieves made off with two students’ credit cards and a mobile phone from Jesus College, despite being questioned by porters after arousing suspicions that they might not be members of the college. The incident occurred at around 1pm on Monday of first week when two intruders stole the items from the college library after attempting to pass themselves off as students. The casually dressed young men were spotted in the lower level of the library by Jesus student, Ben Bell. He told Cherwell that the men were “taking random books from the shelves in an effort to pretend they were students”. The porters were alerted but the two men were released before students realised that anything was missing. A student, who wishes to remain unnamed, had his credit card stolen, and said he “wouldn’t have noticed for hours” but for the fact that his mobile phone was also taken. The men then attempted to spend £500 on another student’s stolen credit card, buying camera equipment in Jessops. The shop phoned the girl to check whether she intended to spend such a large amount. A statement regarding the theft has been made to the police, but the two men have not yet been apprehended. It is not yet clear how the perpetrators gained entry to the College. A Jesus College porter said “in this case it is the students’ fault, as the intruders couldn’t have entered without someone letting them in through the Ship Street gate.” Patrick Wilson, a first year student at Jesus studying Languages commented, “You can’t know everyone in College. When you see someone coming in through the side gate you hold the door open for them.” Students received a cursory email from the JCR President notifying them of the security breach from the College.ARCHIVE: 1st week TT 2004last_img

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