John Mayer Uses Full Page In Billboard Magazine To Express His Gratitude To The Grateful Dead

first_imgThis month’s issue of Billboard Magazine has a particularly special note within the pages, sponsored and penned by John Mayer. The Dead & Company guitarist has been expressing gratitude to the music and culture of the Grateful Dead since he first started the gig in 2015, even calling it the best thing to ever happen to his career. Somewhat of a late-bloomer in this definitive style and genre of music, Mayer continuously finds new ways to let the fans know how grateful he is for these life-changing times.In a full page spread in Billboard, he writes quite simply,“To the band that changed my life, and for the music that keeps on coloring it in:Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of your debut album.Forever Grateful, John Mayer”In March of 1967, the Grateful Dead released their debut album The Grateful Dead. The record included few originals, “The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)” and Jerry Garcia‘s “Cream Puff War,” along with some of their signature covers of “Beat It On Down The Line,” “Cold Rain and Snow,” “Sitting On Top of the World,” “Morning Dew,” “Viola Lee Blues,” and more.It’s no wonder John Mayer felt the need to attribute these career-shaping sounds, as he continues to carry the torch 50 years later while performing alongside original members guitarist Bob Weir and drummer Bill Kreutzman, and long-time percussionist Mickey Hart. The revitalized music is only accentuated through the bass wonders of Oteil Burbridge and the psychedelic keys of Jeff Chimenti. The six will hit the road again this summer. Check out the full schedule here!John Mayer will also be on solo tour this summer, promising an acoustic set, a set with the John Mayer Trio (featuring bassist Pino Palladino and drummer Steve Jordan), and a set with his full live band as well. More information can be found here.See below for the page from Billboard Magazine:last_img

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