Peruvian and Colombian Defense Ministers Unite against Organized Crime

first_img Colombia and Peru have committed to implementing a plan to fight criminal organizations along their shared border, the defense ministers of the two countries, meeting in Bogotá, announced on January 25. “Colombia and Peru have energetically decided to confront that organized crime that does not respect borders, manifested in drug trafficking and illegal logging and mining along our borders,” Peruvian Minister Alberto Otárola said at a press conference at which he was accompanied by his host, Juan Carlos Pinzón. The two ministers are considering implementing an agreement that would make it possible to adopt, “within the shortest period of time, a series of measures, by way of the Armed Forces and police, for them to enter those areas where the criminal organizations are currently established,” the Peruvian minister said, without going into detail about the scope of those measures. In addition, Peru pledged to bring the issue of the fight against transnational crime before the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), Pinzón revealed, stating that it is a matter that “continues to affect more countries, and coordinated work among nations is becoming more necessary.” For Peru, “crime has no borders,” and for that reason, it is seeking cooperation with “brother countries,” Otárola said. The ministers agreed to carry out joint actions “in the next few months” against criminal groups in the border area. The operations will be accompanied by social initiatives in favor of the population on both sides of the 1,600-km border. In order to evaluate the situation, the two ministers agreed to meet again in March, at the border, and they hope that Brazilian Defense Minister Celso Amorim will also attend that meeting. By Dialogo January 27, 2012last_img

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