Happy network sued thousands of rubber unfair competition case 28 hearing

October 26th afternoon message, according to the Beijing second intermediate people’s Court (hereinafter referred to as "erzhongyuan") news, SNS website Kaixin kaixin001.com sued Qianxiang unfair competition. On October 28th at 9 in the morning hearing. Thousand Oaks after being sued, arguing that it is not happy network operators, request to dismiss the claims.

second hospital information display, Beijing happy people Information Technology Co., Ltd., said the company founded in March 2008, happy network, and has a happy registered trademark rights. In October of the same year, the company from the media to see the cottage version of happy network reported. The survey found that Beijing Qianxiang Internet Technology Development Co. Ltd. in October 14th of the same year the opening of the same name "happy net" of kaixin.com, and the name of the site, service function, object, content and their websites are exactly the same, so that users to distinguish between true and false, leading to their registered users increased markedly slowed down, the loss of a large number of potential users.

Beijing Kaixinren Information Technology Co. Ltd., Beijing, Thousand Oaks Interconnection Technology Development Co. Ltd. in violation of the principles of fairness and integrity of the business, without any effort to get his company after careful planning, hard work and innovation and gain competitive advantage, their actions constitute unfair competition, and that their legitimate interests of the suffering huge losses. It requested the court to order Beijing Thousand Oaks Interconnection Technology Development Co. Ltd. to stop the use of "happy net" website name, compensation for economic loss of 10 million yuan, a public apology, and bear the cost of litigation.

erzhongyuan website news shows, Beijing Qianxiang Internet Technology Development Co. company argued that the company has not "happy net" operators, Beijing Kaixinren Information Technology Co. Ltd. v. the main error, the request rejected the claim.

the case will be heard in October 28th. Currently happy network, thousands of oaks are not publicly comment on the matter.

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